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b2b web redesign and cms using webflow

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The Project

This project was in partnership with 365 Delivered. R3E Waste is their client and needed to redesign and develop their website. They had initially been working with another designer but wanted those designs to be more polished and then developed into a Webflow site. That's when I stepped in.

This site allows for the 365 Delivered team and the R3E Waste team to easily keep the blog updated and is fully responsive for various devices.

365 Delivered on working with me:

"Amazing partner to work with. Great communication and she understands what the client [R3E Waste] is looking for."


Team: Myself, 365 team, client
Timeline: 3 weeks

The Site Before

R3E's old site was in dire need of updating. It was functional, but had a messy aesthetic and unclear information architecture.

Take a look at the old home page, below: 

Photo of old hope haven site

The Other Designer's Version

The agency I partnered with had initially been working with another designer, but wanted someone who could polish their designs and then develop the website.

Take a look at the first designer's version of the home page, below: 

Photo of r3e site progress

My Finalized Design

Working with the agency's team, we came up with a polished version of the visual design that R3E's founder loves. I stuck to all sans-serif fonts, made use of the color palette in a more subtle way, and gave various elements a more modern treatment.

The following image is the version of the home page that we launched with:

Photo of new r3ewaste site

Initial Discovery Takeaways

The Well Dog Place team wanted to...

Pet owners wanted to...

Design Analysis results include the need for...

View the Live Site

Let's Collaborate!

I'm available to discuss new web design and development projects. Get in touch if you like my work, process, and think we could make an awesome project together! I'm looking forward to your message.