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About Me

Hi there! I have specialized in Webflow since 2015 and have experience with dozens of marketing sites built on the platform.

I'm based in West Virginia, USA and have worked with clients in the USA, Canada, the UK, and India.

What I do

If you need a partner for your marketing website, I can help via a monthly partnership or a project-based structure. I work with founders, marketing specialists, or anyone in charge of a Webflow site.

Existing sites

Maintain or expand existing Webflow sites the right way

New sites

Design and build new Webflow marketing sites

A few companies I've worked with

Testimonials from Clients

"We really enjoyed working with Carly on our new website. Her communication throughout the project was great. We had a tight timeline and she made it work! She kept us on track, clearly outlined what was needed, and made sure we hit our deadline. I am excited to continue working with her as our website evolves." - Banzai
"Carly delivered excellent results including service and execution. We take our website technology seriously and our team spent months researching about website design and development including interviewing numerous teams. Carly's transparent and prompt service along with her genuine advice made a big difference for us." - Deshret Capital
"Carly was responsible for ideation and execution of a new website for us. Not only is she a skilled and effective designer, she provided strategic and tactical value-added recommendations. Our relationship continues." - Gretel
"Everything was seamless from start to finish. Carly gave just the right amount of push when needed to get various deliverables from my end which helped drive the process along. It was fantastic to not really have to manage the project at all and wind up with such a great result." - Autoreach
"We were fortunate to discover Carly during our search for a Webflow developer. She is not only competent, but also easy to work with. She designed and built a professional looking website for us that met our timeline and budget." - Acceldata
"She has not disappointed me in any way. I ended up with a superb website that has great appeal to my customers, is easy to use, has excellent SEO and contains all the elements I originally envisioned for this project." - Blackway Boat Models


What is your experience with Webflow?

I have been working with Webflow since 2015 and am a Webflow-endorsed official professional partner. I've worked as a developer for different design agencies and have also worked with my own Webflow clients in many different industries. I have experience working with marketing leads and founders to grow and maintain Webflow sites over time and also have built Webflow websites from the ground up. Sometimes I work on projects alone and other times I will bring in some of my trusted partners.

How quick is your turnaround?

Work is done efficiently so you'll be able to expect a reasonable turnaround. The scope of the work required, what type of partnership we have, and how collaborative the work needs to be will affect how long it may take to complete.

Can you teach me how to use Webflow?

Every client I work with typically receives recorded videos for how to use the more "tricky" parts of their Webflow site/CMS. I also recommend that we do a training session to go over the Webflow editor and best-practices when it comes to collaborating & publishing in Webflow. I do not give lectures or walkthroughs of how to use Webflow on a deep level. Webflow university has plenty of videos and documentation for how to use the platform if you are interested in learning how to become a Webflow developer.

Will you finish this website that I started building?

Oftentimes folks will see the ease of getting started with Webflow and then try to build their website on their own. Eventually, they hit a wall and realize it's not as easy as it looks. If you share what you've built with me so far, it's possible I may be able to help you clean things up and get your site over the finish line. In many cases, it would be appropriate for me to just start over though, since many beginner errors were likely made along the way that would be harder for me to untangle and fix rather than just doing it correctly from the beginning.

How do you like to communicate & manage projects?

For work that requires lots of back-and-forth, I prefer to connect with you or your team on Slack. Email is also acceptable if less communication is required. You may receive short Loom recordings from me to view at your convenience and we may also share some documentation and files via Google Drive. Meetings and calls are kept to a minimum, but sometimes they are required.

What do you charge?

I charge in two ways.

Per project: This is for a fixed and fully-defined scope of work. Full website designs and builds fall under this category. I cannot give a specific quote until we discuss the details of the project, however, I can say that custom websites typically start at 8k.

Per month: If you're interested in a monthly partnership (retainer) I would be happy to send you the details.

Do you also do design and copywriting?

For maintaining existing sites: I generally require that you have your own design and copywriting capabilities, whether those come from people on your full time team or additional freelancers. I can design website page layouts that align with the rest of your website/brand, but I do not create any graphics or other visual assets. I am also not a copywriter and likely not a subject-matter expert for your company, products, or industry so I am not able to write any text for your site. I do keep an eye out for any spelling or grammar errors and can advise on website best-practices, like if a heading is too long or too short.

For new  sites or site redesigns: If you're working with me on a new or redesigned website, I bring in my trusted design and copywriting partners to the project should their services be required. I'll be your primary point of contact throughout the project, but you'll have a small team working to bring your site to life. If you have your own designers and copywriters, that is fine too!

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