Deshret Capital's website design & development

This website was designed by my team and developed by me using the Webflow platform. It incorporate Webflow's CMS functionality.

Screenshot from Deshret's website

The Project

Deshret Capital offers risk management and commercial insurance advisory services. What sets them apart is their ability to use artificial intelligence when advising their clients and that their best interests are aligned with their clients' best interests - instead of working to make insurance agencies more money.

The old site was outdated and lacked much of the scope Deshret Capital wanted it to include. The goals for the new site were to immediately distinguish Deshret from their competition and allow potential clients to requests proposals for their various services. The Deshret team also wanted the site to be capable of managing their educational content.

My design partner and I worked together to bring this vision to life. I focused on gathering site requirements and client communication, my partner designed the site, and then I built the site using the Webflow platform.

Client Testimonial

"Carly and her designer Tyler delivered excellent results including service and execution. We take our website technology seriously and our team spent months researching about website design and development including interviewing numerous teams. Carly’s transparent and prompt service along with her genuine advice made a big difference for us. Throughout the project, Carly’s proactiveness and recommendations based on her knowledge of Webflow were key in providing us a website that differentiates us from competition. In addition, her designer Tyler did a fantastic job on our animations and overall style as we had specific things we were looking for given the fact that we operate in a niche and highly technical industry. Overall, Carly and Tyler exceeded our expectations given a high bar we had set to begin with." - Fred Barnachawy, Managing Director, Deshret Capital Corp.

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Disclaimer: Due to the nature of marketing websites, you may see changes on the current live site versus what is shown in this portfolio. Sometimes, even entire rebrands take place and a site changes drastically. I actively work with most of my clients to maintain their sites over time. Clients also may have access to make changes to their sites without my help. I cannot guarantee that every change on a site in this portfolio over time is done by me or recommended by me.

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