Webflow development for Demio's rebranded website

This project included Webflow development for a webinar platform's new marketing website after the company underwent a rebrand.

Testimonial from the client:

"I've only been working with Carly for a short amount of time but she continues to impress me. Within three months she helped me rebrand our entire website flawlessly. Even when we were down to the wire, making last minute changes, Carly had her checklist and executed everything on time.

After launch she didn't just stop there. Understanding the importance of a website rebrand, Carly has continued to monitor and assist whenever something comes up.

She is great at project managing and one of the most experienced web developers I've worked with." - Rachel Meyrowitz, Director of Demand Generation

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Disclaimer: Due to the nature of marketing websites, you may see changes on the current live site versus what is shown in this portfolio. Sometimes, even entire rebrands take place and a site changes drastically. I actively work with most of my clients to maintain their sites over time. Clients also may have access to make changes to their sites without my help. I cannot guarantee that every change on a site in this portfolio over time is done by me or recommended by me.

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