Site maintenance for Security Journey's marketing site

I have cleaned up existing pages, added new pages, and integrated complex functionality into this Webflow site.

Screenshot of the security journey site

My partnership with Security Journey

I work with Security Journey's marketing team to implement any new changes on their site. These can include new pages, updating existing pages, adding new sections, and adding new functionality to their site. I've integrated into the marketing team's project management tools and overall structure - to act as an extension of the team.

Examples of things I've done on their site

  • Added a robust blogging system to their site, including blog tags and categories, pagination, authors, and more (seen here)
  • Added a filterable and searchable course catalog on their site (seen here)
  • Added resource functionality for their webinars, ebooks, podcasts, etc (seen here)
  • I've also cleaned up the site and made it easier for myself and their content team to maintain on a day-to-day basis
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