Webflow Cloneable: Nonprofit Website Starter

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What is a Webflow Cloneable?

Webflow cloneables are pre-designed templates or components that can be duplicated and customized for personal or commercial use. These templates are created by Webflow designers and developers and made available to the community through the Webflow Marketplace. Cloneables can be accessed and used by anyone with a Webflow account, regardless of their skill level in web design or development. They are particularly useful for beginners who want to learn how to build websites with Webflow, or for professionals who want to speed up their workflow and deliver projects faster.

How do you use a Webflow Cloneable?

You can browse for Cloneables in the Webflow Marketplace or other community resources to find one that fits your needs. To use the cloneable, you'll first make a copy of the original design and its structure. Cloneables can include entire websites, individual pages, or specific components such as navigation menus, forms, or image galleries.

It's important to note that while they provide a great starting point, and may be able to save you some time, but they should not be used as-is without customization. This is because many other people may be using the same one, which could lead to a lack of uniqueness and differentiation in your website. It's always best to customize it to make it fit your own brand.

Why nonprofits may benefit from using a cloneable for their website?

Using a Webflow Cloneable can be beneficial for nonprofits as it saves time and money by providing a pre-built design that is customizable to fit the specific needs of the organization. Using a Webflow Cloneable is a cost-effective way for nonprofits to create a professional-looking website that reflects your mission and values.

How to get this nonprofit cloneable

This site starter is based off of an Adobe XD freebie file and tailored to play nicely with Webflow's native elements. Credit to the original design and design files goes to Meagan Fisher and Lindsay Munro over on Behance. Check the footer of the site to get a link straight to where you can download the file for yourself. Get the Webflow cloneable here!

What if you're looking for a more bespoke solution?

If you are a nonprofit organization looking to work with a Webflow expert to create a fully customized website, get in touch with me! I have specialized in the Webflow platform since 2016 and can help bring your vision to life.

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