What I Do

I specialize in designing and building websites for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits. I always design with your end-user in mind. By meeting their needs, you'll be far more likely to also meet your business goals.

I Offer

My Process

Your website should be unique to you and your business. Sure, it's easy enough to use a template and change some things around, but your site will end up looking like all the others out there or you'll feel too constrained by your template. You deserve to stand out and look forward to maintaining your site! That's why I believe that collaborating to make a custom website specifically for you is the best way to go. Check out an overview of my process below - this shows the general steps we would take to create a new website from scratch.

Process Overview

Discover and Strategize

Discuss goals for your project

We'll have a conversation about your project where I'll learn about you and/or your business and your goals for your site. I need to understand what you want the website to accomplish and what potential features could be needed. It's also helpful to know what sort of website, brand guidelines, or other design materials you currently have, if any.

Make a plan

After this discussion, we'll be in a place to decide whether working together on a project will be viable. I'll get back to you with an estimated cost and we'll agree upon a contract and initial deposit before continuing.

Create inspiration boards

Now the real fun begins! I'll do more research to understand you and/or your business, so be prepared to answer more questions. We'll put together an "inspiration" or "mood" board to narrow down the direction for the look and feel of the site. This is especially important if no brand guidelines exist.

Collaborate and Design

Gather brand materials

If any design materials already exist (including logos, photography, color palettes, copy, etc) I'll need access to all of these. If they don't currently exist, we'll discuss the steps necessary to create these elements. In most cases, I'll be able to create these for you but there may be situations where it may be necessary for you to hire a brand designer, graphic designer, illustrator, copywriter, or photographer. I can help with this.

Organize site structure and capabilities

The needed pages, sections, and overall functionality of the site will be determined and mapped out to make sure the site will tell your story and be a great experience for your users. In most cases, you will want to be able to do regular maintenance or updates to the content of your site (like adding new photos, blog posts, or products) so we will also figure out which sections of the site need to support this ability.

Design site pages

Ideally, after all of the brand elements and content are available, I will begin designing the pages of your site. This can be done in conjunction with the creation of the brand and content for the sake of time, but it is a much better practice to design a site around the content, versus trying to force-fit content into a pre-designed site.

Build and Test

Develop site

This stage is typically the most time-consuming, but it's also where everything finally starts coming to life! With the site's design and functionality already agreed upon, I will begin developing it. We'll also set up your payment plan for your domain name and hosting. Periodically, I will send you versions of the site to make sure everything is turning out the way you have envisioned although I limit this feedback loop to a finite number since you'll have previously signed off on the design and functionality.

Optimize site and train you to manage it

The site will be constructed to work optimally on any device or browser and I'll be testing this along the way to make sure there are no surprises. After the site is developed and optimized, you'll be trained on how to manage your own content if need be and analytics will be put into place to track how the site is performing. 

The final amount agreed upon based on our contract will be due before the site is pushed live.

Launch and Celebrate!


Finally, we'll have reached the end of the tunnel! At this point, I would hope to continue our relationship so I know how your site is performing. I would love to be able to help you and/or your business continue to grow.

Pricing and Rates

The total cost will vary between projects depending on the specific design, features, and functionality needed. I do want you to have an understanding of the investment you would be making, so you can expect to pay between $1,000-$3,000 for a standard website. For content-heavy or e-commerce sites, expect to pay more and for single-page sites expect to pay less.

If you need help maintaining or updating a current site, or want to consult with me about UX, my hourly rate is $50 USD.

Who I Work With

I enjoy working with individuals and small businesses so that we can form a close working relationship to make the best site possible. I also have had great experiences contracting with agencies - typically working with a main project manager or point of contact who, in turn, communicates directly with the client. Learning about new businesses and industries is great fun for me, especially if there is a larger positive impact being made. Honesty, communication, and dependability from both parties always makes for the smoothest and highest quality projects.

What I Don't Do

Let's Collaborate!

I'm available to discuss new web design, development, and product design projects. Get in touch if you like my work, process, and think we could make an awesome project together (or if you'd like to learn more)! I'm looking forward to your message.